Although Pakistan produces many fruits, citrus makes up 37.8% of the total fruit production. Around 2.2 million metric tons of citrus fruit, predominately Kinnow, is produced on 343,173 acres. Citrus has emerged as a major export commodity, with global exports growing at a rate of 15%. Over the last decade, Pakistan’s exports have grown at a phenomenal rate of 278% in volume. This still represents an average of 4% of total citrus production in the country, giving this sector enormous potential for further growth. However, exports have since become stagnant due to a lack of compliance with global quality standards.

The Agribusiness Project (TAP) works in the citrus value chain with the aim to minimize weaknesses, including skills and technological gaps, in both pre and post-harvest stages of the crop,decrease production losses and enhance access to markets and the export of citrus from Pakistan. The project is also working to ensure the industry’s compliance with global food quality standards, including Global GAP and HACCP. It is estimated that by avoiding just 10% of post-harvest losses, Pakistan can double its exports with the same production capacity. The project’s interventions will also lead to the creation of more than 200 new jobs, benefiting560 rural households and bringing over 2,000hectaresof area under improved technologies and management practices.


  • Provide technical assistance and harvest toolkits.

Capacity Building

  • Capacity development of processing units and harvest labor in Kinnow harvest & post-training.
  • Development, printing and dissemination of training material.
  • Introduction of GAP, technical and managerial trainingand assistance in acquisition of standards and certifications.

Market Linkages

  • Facilitate business to business linkages for improved farm management, post-harvest handling, and processing through certification support.
  • Develop international market linkages for the sector and for participation in international trade fairs and buyer-seller events.

Success Stories